Jurnal Paradigma 2021-06-17T10:16:26+00:00 Jurnal Paradigma Open Journal Systems Jurnal Paradigma UNDERSTANDING MULTICULTURAL-BASED ISLAMIC EDUCATION 2021-06-10T09:40:27+00:00 Sulhan Hamid A. Ghani <p><em>In a pluralistic society there are various groups of people who have different backgrounds; culture, customs, interests, language, arts, beliefs and religion, which usually face challenges of disharmony in common life and have great potential for conflict between groups; Race, Ethnicity and Religion. Conflicts with religious nuances often collaborate strongly with non-religious factors. Islam as the religion of the majority of the population in the Republic of Indonesia plays a very important role in creating an atmosphere of life full of harmony and mutual respect. In realizing this, it is necessary, among others, to carry out Islamic Religious Education with a multicultural perspective. Therefore, this study seeks to "Understand Multicultural-Based Islamic Education." Based on the study conducted, it can be concluded that Islamic Religious Education is Education in which all aspects and components are based on Islamic teachings, while Multicultural Education is a learning strategy that is applied to all types of subjects by setting cultural differences that exist to students.</em></p> <p><em>From the results of the discussion, it can be assumed that the material for Islamic Religious Education contains many teachings with multicultural nuances. This can be found, for example, in the texts of the verses of the Qur'an or the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, which contain messages that should serve as guidelines for mankind in an effort to maintain harmony, peace and tolerance in the life of a nation and a state that is full of multiculturalism, such as in the Republic of Indonesia.</em></p> 2021-06-17T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Paradigma ATTITUDE AND THE MORAL VALUE DEVELOPMENT OF TEENAGE STUDENSTS 2021-03-22T09:59:58+00:00 Anam Besari <p>The behavior of adolescents at this time has become the center of attention to be studied. Especially in matters of morality and behavior. The background that underlies this is that there are differences in morals and attitudes that adolescents have today with adolescents in the past. Youth in the past prioritized morals, so that their politeness patterns were more awake. Adolescents today, with the development of globalization, prioritize ego, which has an impact on the emergence of an attitude of wanting to win alone, not wanting to admit mistakes.Globalization is a characteristic of the relationships between the inhabitants of the earth that go beyond conventional boundaries, such as nations and states. With this there is no longer a barrier that can be used as a boundary by a country so that there will be acculturation (mixing of cultures) between Western culture and Indonesian culture which has differences fundamental. There was a cultural clash between western cultures which tended to prioritize liberalism and uphold freedom, freedom in any case. Different with Indonesia, as a country that holds religious understanding. &nbsp;As a result, many Indonesian adolescents who do not have a strong grip are unable to filter out western culture which in turn erodes the noble values ??of the nation's culture.</p> 2021-06-17T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Paradigma RECOGNIZING EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR TEACHERS IN REACHING EFFORTS ISLAMIC EDUCATION OBJECTIVES 2021-03-22T10:01:49+00:00 Samuji Samuji <p>In general, educators are people who have the responsibility to educate. Meanwhile, in particular, educators in the perspective of Islamic education are people who are responsible for the development of students by striving for the development of all potential students, both affective, cognitive, and psychomotor potential in accordance with the values ??of Islamic teachings.</p> <p>The purpose of Islamic education is to achieve a balance of human personality growth. As a whole and in a balanced manner which is carried out through training of the soul, mind, rational human self, feelings and senses, therefore, education should include the development of all aspects of the nature of students, spiritual, intellectual, imaginative, physical, scientific and linguistic aspects, both in a way. individually and collectively, and encourage all these aspects to develop towards goodness and perfection.</p> <p>Therefore, the ultimate goal of Islamic education falls within the same line as that mission, which is to form human abilities and talents in order to be able to create prosperity and happiness that is full of Allah's grace and blessings in all corners of this universe.</p> 2021-06-17T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Paradigma The Use of Mind Mapping in Learning Processes 2021-03-29T09:21:08+00:00 arum rahayu <p>Mind Mapping is not a matter of life-death, success-failure, or a rigid mind. Through mind mapping, no one will be able to assess the individual's final result, because the mind mapping made by one individual will be different from another individual. &nbsp;Mind mapping is a technique or method to align the right brain and left brain in receiving new information. Mind mapping is the most creative and effective way to take notes, through the use of mind mapping, it is hoped that students will be more creative, confident, and able to master lessons more quickly.</p> 2021-06-17T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Paradigma REFORM OF ISLAMIC EDUCATION IN FACING THE ERA OF GLOBALIZATION 2021-03-22T10:03:21+00:00 Ahmad Wahib <p><em>This writing discuss about Islamic education which gets some crusial challenges in globalization era Islamic teaching plays important role in glonalozation. Seince globalization itself has positive also negative in Islamic teaching and training. This reformation of Islamic teaching could strive for raising better vision of Islamic teaching for building and upgrading quality of human being and moslem society in globalization that ought to refer to both Al Koran and Al Hadith as source of its teaching. The goal of this current research is to describe reformation of Islamic teaching in facing globalization. Data of this paper is literatature fact which is analyzed trough descriptive. The result of this writingshows that globalization can be opportunity and also challenge for Islamic teaching. The stream of globalization is not an opponent or companion for Islamic teaching, on the other hand being as motivator. If slamic teaching takes position non global, it will not move and&nbsp; it will undergo blocking of intellectual. On the contrary, if Islamic teaching involves to globalization era, Islamic identities will be gone. Thus, Islamic teaching ought to take partto measure globalization era, it means by orientation and values of Islamic teaching in order to could be reformed, adopted and developed.</em></p> 2021-06-17T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Paradigma ALPHA ZONE BRAINWAVE CONDITIONING THROUGH LEARNING APPERCEPTION 2021-03-16T10:06:34+00:00 Ulfa Ainul Mardhiyah <p><em>In the learning process, the communication that should be built in not one- way communication, but two-way communication where students are able to send and receive messages. There is feed back from the recipient of the messageswhich is also used by the sender of the message as an indication of the effectiveness of the messages that has been previously conveyed, the brain’s work sequence of reactions is very closely related to one another, there is to one another, there is one brain wove, which&nbsp; is based an research, which is one of the right conditions to star the learning process namely the alph zona brain waves, there for it is needed a special stimulus to memorize the student’s brain. So that student’s can focus, concentration so that the reptile brain of the student is brain of the student is satisfied and ready to lern. The quality of the apperception of learning carried out by the teacher of ten runs less optimaly to be able to bring student’s to the alpha zone, it is necessarry to have a technique that is able to increase the work of the brain so that it reaches the alpha zone condition, somes teps that can be applied in apperception include fun story, music, braingym, warmer, scense setting.</em></p> 2021-06-17T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Paradigma Parents' Role, Learning Motivati THE EFFECT OF PARENTS 'ROLE ON MOTIVATION AND CHILDREN'S LEARNING DISCIPLINE AS IMPACT OF THE COVID-19 PLAGUE 2021-03-16T10:13:27+00:00 DESIKA PUTRI MARDIANI <p>This research aims to analyze the influence of the role of parents on learning motivation and learning discipline of children as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak and explain how much influence this has. The location of this research is the Islamic Education Institute of Kindergarten Al-Ishlah Ngale, Ngawi Regency by taking a sample of 74 people. This research uses quantitative research methods and data collection techniques in the form of questionnaires, interviews and documentation. Assessment of the questionnaire is using a Likert scale and presenting the data using an interval scale, while data processing uses the SPSS version 25 software.</p> <p>The results of data processing show that Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted, with the regression test results obtained by the F test value of 4.319&gt; F table 3.97 for variable X to Y1 and F value of 7.168&gt; F table 3.97 for regression test of variable X against Y2. Taking into account the significance value of both &lt;0.05, it is concluded that there is a significant influence between the role of parents and children's learning motivation and children's learning discipline. This conclusion is supported by the results of the T test with a value of 2.078 and 0.09 which are&gt; 1.993 T table.</p> <p>Furthermore, the value of R square for variable X on Y1 is 0.57 illustrating the magnitude of the influence of the role of parents on children's learning motivation is 57% and the value of R square is 0.91 for variable X on Y2 illustrates the large influence of the role of parents on children's learning discipline. by 91%. The direction of this research is positive, indicated by the regression equation ? = 29.571 + 0.252X and ? = 22.230 + 0.251X. Thus, the higher the role of parents, the more children's motivation and discipline will increase.</p> 2021-04-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Paradigma The Role of Parents in Improving Students' Religious Attitudes 2021-03-29T09:22:47+00:00 Resma Yuliana Resma Yuliana <p><em>The religious attitudes of students today have a negative tendency, including a lack of discipline in performing prayers, lazy to read al-Qur’an and refuting the words of older people. This is influenced by the family environment, community environment, and school environment. As for what was being studied by researchers at MI Ma'arif Cekok Ponorogo found that the problem of students’s religious attitudes apart from being influenced by the above there are also other factors, there is peer interaction and lack of attention and affection from their parents, because most of the children are living his parents work. Therefore, every parent must give attention and affection to their children, this is one of the strategies and ways to encourage children to learn religion. Parents can provide direct role models for children on how to perform prayers, guide learning al-Qur'an, assist children in memorizing prayers and parents can rewards to children who show their good performance in the religious program. In addition, parents must always supervise their children in carrying out any activities, because that environment is very influential on the development of a child. If the environment is good, the child will develop well, and vice versa if the environment is not good then the child will follow bad things.</em></p> 2021-06-17T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Paradigma A THE IMPLEMENTATION OF PROCESS ORIENTED GUIDED INQUIRY LEARNING (POGIL) IN MADRASAH IBTIDAIYAH 2021-03-16T10:15:02+00:00 IHWAN ROSADI <p><em>Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning </em>based learning is important to be developed in primary school because this learning method can improve students’ high level of thinking ability. This research was aimed to analyze the learning process in MI PSM Kedungputri Subdistrict Paron Distric Ngawi through implementing <em>Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning</em>. This research was used descriptive qualitative as the research design. The technique of analyzing data proposed by <em>Miles and Huberman</em> was used in this research, they are observation, deep interview, and questionnaire. This research was focused on the learning process, learning material, and the use of learning tools in MI PSM Kedungputri Subdistrict Paron Distric Ngawi which had not implemented <em>Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning </em>based learning. This was because the teachers had not had a guide to do the newest learning approach. This caused the learners become less interested in learning IPA and make the students’ cognitive aspects still low.</p> 2021-06-17T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Paradigma THE EFFECT OF THE COMPLETENESS OF LEARNING FACILITIES ON THE LEARNING RESULTS OF CLASS V STUDENTS OF MI NURUL ULUM MADIUN 2021-03-16T10:10:28+00:00 avita febri <p><em>Learning facilities are equipment that children need in learning, besides learning facilities are supporting children's learning success. In the field it was found that some students obtained learning outcomes that had not yet reached the minimum completeness criteria. This may be due to the above factors. Therefore, the researcher wanted to know the effect of the completeness of learning facilities on the Mathematics learning outcomes of Class V Students at MI Nurul Ulum Sidorejo Madiun. In this study, researchers used quantitative methods. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there is an effect of the completeness of learning facilities on student mathematics learning outcomes at MI Nurul Ulum Sidorejo Madiun. The data collection techniques used questionnaires and documentation. The population of this research is the fifth grade students of MI Nurul Ulum Sidorejo Kebonsari Madiun totaling 20 students. For data analysis techniques using Simple Linear Regression using SPSS 16.0 program. Based on the calculation at the 5% significance level, it shows that there is an effect of the completeness of learning facilities on students' mathematics learning outcomes of 41.4% or sufficiently influential while the rest is influenced by other variables.</em></p> 2021-06-17T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Paradigma THE ROLE OF PARENTS ON THE PHYSICAL-MOTOR DEVELOPMENT OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHILDREN IN THE PANDEMIC TIME COVID-19 2021-03-16T10:16:30+00:00 Dea Rakhimafa Wulandari <p><em>The world was shocked by the emergence of a disease outbreak that attacks the human respiratory system by WHO corona virus. Corona virus has an extraordinary impact in all fields, including education. Many schools and universities are closed to break the chain of distribution, so the government implements learning programs from home. This study aims to analyze the role of parents in the corona pandemic towards the motor physical development of elementary school-age children. This research uses qualitative research library research methods. The results of his research are parents play an important role in the physical development of motoric children of primary school age during the co-19 pandemic. The role is as a caregiver and educator, mentor, motivator, and facilitator.</em></p> 2021-06-17T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Paradigma