Techniques in Learning English for Non-English Education Study Program Students


  • Arum Putri Rahayu stai ma`arif magetan


Komunikasi, KKesulitan, Belajar Bahasa Inggris


For students communicating using English is a plural thing to happen. However, often among them have difficulty in developing it, especially when they come from non-English study programs. This makes them feel difficult and then lazy to learn. The problem that then arises is what learning techniques they apply in order to be willing and capable in speaking English, and how they apply these learning techniques.  This research aims to: (i) examine the learning techniques used by STAI students Ma'arif Magetan in learning English (ii) Explore how these learning techniques are applied in communicating with English by STAI students Ma'arif Magetan. The results of this study showed that (i) STAI student Ma'arif Magetan students applied three techniques to improve their communication skills in English, namely effective production technique, comprehension reaction technique, and reinforcing comprehension technique. (ii) Any technique used by students to become proficient in communicating English, applied in certain ways, namely language transfer, getting help, using gestures, using synonyms, using notes, translating, using sources, using notes, using notes, and translating using personal estimates.


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