HADHANAH IN ISLAM (Child Cave Right in the Room Educatio Sector)

Hadhanah in Islam


  • Ahmad Wahib


hadhanah, children and parenting


Producing quality students cannot be separated from the education center which we know as the three education centers; namely home education, school education, and environmental education (community). The three centers of education must be related to each other because it is difficult to produce quality students without heeding the three education centers. However, of the three education centers, it is home education that provides more astsar on the development of students. In Islamic religious terms, the activity of raising children is called hadhanah. Hadhanah is a form of love from Allah for His servants, namely by raising children who are born from the mother's womb. Because parenting is also a manifestation of the various forms of glory that God gives to humans who become the most noble creatures and are His gifts to humans compared to other creatures. This article is entitled "Hadhanah in Islam (Child Care Rights in the Home Education Sector)". The purpose of this paper is to find out how religion provides a concept in terms of childcare so that children get complete rights, namely to get physical and spiritual education from their parents. The qualitative method used in the writing of this article explores the concepts of childcare.


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